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Since the establishment of our humble Ministry, we have dedicated and established many Churches in different places, where the people have no worship center at all. All our co-ministers are facing many problems in their lives and ministries due to several ministerial & economical problems. Many of our missionaries are dedicated men of God who left all their unconverted families, income ,generating resources (jobs), and even humbled themselves by forsaking their educational backgrounds etc., and serving these humble folk, through their Churches, and covering the surrounding villages with the Gospel message.

Pastoral Care
In this position, the common preacher in India will get his daily bread by looking unto God only. If any believer or friend gives any gift, (in form of money, rice, oil, vegetables and even salt also) at the time of his weekly house visits or cottage prayers, on that day the minister /pastor will provide some food to his family members. And the rest of the days, he will spend with hunger, and even could not able to provide the milk to his little ones.
This is the main reason, why many pastors and gospel ministers are daring not to go into the interior rural & tribal areas. They get nothing from those villages, although they burn themselves, even to feed the little ones. Hence, many pastors are settling in the urbans only, where they can get even a minimum support to run his family. In this connection, out of our deepest burden about the neglected tribal & rural folk, we are sending our co-ministers to minister among them. But, as we have no other support from elsewhere except from you, how can we encourage them, unless the Lord open His fist through His dear children like you, to support our missionary friends.We are placing before you the exact picture of our normal minister or pastor in the village/tribal India. If you can please come and see, then you can understand that our co-ministers, pastors are really ministering and suffering in the unreached & unchurched areas, amidst of a many trails and tribulations for Christ. Please remember…many of our King's Ambassadors are leading a very humble lives, some times without having any food, clothing's, medicines and even the needed milk for their little ones. You can change the shape of their lives and ministries with your Faith Partnership with us. If the Lord moves you, please don't hesitate. we will send you the details of a missionary/pastor(s) to whom
you can support.

GOSPEL OUTREACH / REACHING INTERIOR PLACES:Every day, millions of untold people are dying without knowing about Jesus Christ. In India, approximately more than 15,000 people enter into eternity every day with out knowing Jesus. There is a great need for evangelization in India. To fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and to evangelize the unevangelized, the christ universal missions have involved in several Out-reach ministries under the leadership of Bro ANAND .We are going forth with the message of God's love, some times by bicycles and more often by foot, by walking, conducting street rallies, open-air evangelism, gospel tract distribution, personal evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, and making appeal to every person to accept Christ as the Lord of their lives.

It is not an easy task to preach the Gospel in some interior places. Many people whom we serve do not know about Jesus Christ and they worship the sun, moon, stars, pigs, monkeys and other animals/creatures of the earth. And the people, who adhered to different religious beliefs & ancient tribal traditions, will not accept the Gospel at firsthand. Moreover, we have to face a lot of struggles and persecutions in our Gospel Out-reach ministry. Several times we were stoned severely and faced many persecutions for our Lord's sake. Unless the Lord rescue or save us, we would have died in the hands of such hermits.However, as the Love of Christ is constraining us, we are determined to reach & evangelize the lost. In fact, we are the first ministers who preached the gospel to these unreached people groups. We thank God because He is saving many souls through our Outreach ministries.

Tract Distribution/ Street Preaching:
Gospel Literature plays very important role in our entire ministry. Through the Gospel Literature Ministry, we are trying to meet the needs of all people, as follows:We have collected and also purchased some gospel tracts in Telugu and Hindi language. Way of Salvation, What is True Faith, Great Physician, and Hope of Life are widely distributed in many parts of India. The Scripture Gift and operation Mobilization of India, Gospel Literature Tract League and Gospel Tract Society, are supplying the needed tracts to meet our tract distribution needs. We need many more tracts in Telugu, Hindi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, and Assami Languages.We supply the gospel literature to many of our evangelists for door-to-door evangelism, street rallies, and Bible Study groups etc. Every day, we are receiving many requests from various people in different walks of life for the gospel tracts and other Bible study materials. God is changing the lives through our Gospel tract distribution program. The wonderful testimonies, which we are receiving every day, will reveal the importance and effect of the gospel literature in India. Please pray and become our Faith Partner to support us to translate & publish the Gospel tracts into our local languages. To supply the needs of our Indian evangelists, we need to print the tracts in large quantity. Please pray for this need. If the Lord inspires your heart to preach the gospel, put it on the paper and send it to us, and with your kind cooperation, we can translate, print and publish the same. We are very thankful to our Saviour because of our God has given us some yoke bearing youth, who are well qualified & experienced in the systematic translation and publication of the biblical & theological literature, into various Indian dialects. Please contact us for more information.

Bible Classes/Weekly Bible Study :
 Go….Teach…Make disciples" is the Great Commission of our Lord. This Great Commission is our humble Ministry Vision. Training is an integral part of the total ministry of the christ universal missions.THE NEED: Many Gospel Ministers --preachers / evangelists-- in India do not have any proper biblical training or sound educational qualifications. By having a burden for the Lord and by knowing the importance and emergence of evangelism, many ministers leave their own jobs/professions etc., and start doing the ministry in the areas/locations where the Lord placed them. Although they do not have any educational or theological qualifications, they are winning a number of perishing souls and leading a congregation of about 50-200 people, under the inspiration of His Spirit and with the help/advise of some local senior ministers. But, if these uneducated or untrained ministers are given some training also, they can be able to do the ministry in a more effective way. To meet the immediate need, we have started these training programs We invite you to sponsor one training camp, by which you can change many lives and ministries. We welcome the international scholars or your Christian leaders to visit us and offer training to our needy missionaries in India.
Please contact us for more details.
Every week, we conduct THE BIBLE STUDY CLASSESS in different regions, with a main goal to teach the truths of the Bible and to challenge & encourage the Bible Students and Gospel Ministers for His gospel work. Our christ universal missions ministers, who were well trained through our Training Programs, are dealing with the Bible Study Classes. We need more training materials to use in our Weekly Bible Study Classes, to study more spiritual truths from the scriptures. Please come and join with us. Please pray the Lord of Harvest to send His helpers who can help us with our needed resources. We also welcome you to visit us as the short-term teacher or guest visitor.
Please join with us in training the army for Christ, who can win the souls to establish His Kingdom.
Free Bible Distribution:
We are eager (looking forward) to distribute the Holy Bibles and New Testaments to the poorest people, who are unable to afford a single copy of the Bible, for their personal or family use.The daily income of a poorest person in the rural & tribal India, is a maximum of 30 to 40 rupees (about One US Dollar) which he earn for his labor work. He has to meet the needs of his entire family with the smallest income (daily wage), which is not sufficient to provide the needed food even to his little children also. In this position, it is very difficult task for a poorest rural & tribal person to purchase a copy of the Bible in his own dialect. To meet this need, we have started this Free Bible Distribution Programme, to provide the Holy Bibles to the poor believers in the remote areas. Many villagers, now, have their own Bibles in their houses (mud-huts). In some villages, the villagers gather together to hear the Bible, while one person read out aloud for all of them. The reason is, that no other person in the village do have the Bible, and also most of the villagers are illiterates and can not read or write. So, they hear the Bible while one person read it out for them, in the evenings.Hence, we started to gather and distribute the Holy Bibles to the poorest needy, free of Charge. We have many incidents when the people wept aloud when they receive the Bible from us. We also can see the true value & honor of the Bible as many villagers, dare not even to touch the Bible with dirty hands, as they treat it as the image of God. The Indian Bible Literature and the Bible Promoters of India have provided the Telugu Holy Bibles to us at subsidized cost. We distributed more than 500 Holy Bibles during the past 10 months. All the Bibles were collected from various individuals by the local churches.Please pray and help us, as we are in need of many Holy Bibles, for the distribution among the poor. At present, we distributed Telugu & English Bibles in many interior places. We have many requests for the Bibles in other languages also. Please donate a Bible to one poor family. To be frank, there are hundreds of villages are in the great need of the Bibles. It is sad to say that even some village pastors and evangelists also do not have a good Bible for their personal or ministerial use.Kindly sponsor some Bibles to the people who are starving for the Word of God. Please sponser a Bible.
Ministring to Children.
Conducting Children Retreats .
Conducting summer Bible classes for children .
Programs to eradicate child labour.
Free education to the poor children.
Helping orphan children .
Helping children who are suffering from dreadful diseases like AIDS,CANCER etc by adpoting them through our Blessed Home Centre project.
Children evangelism.
Children crusades.
Help to the old aged people:
The old aged people are often the neglected people of the society. Especially if they come from a converted Christian family, they face lot of problems through their unconverted (non-Christian) family members, and even government also neglect them. So, the responsibility of taking care of these senior citizens is on the shoulders of the members of the Church. We invite the generous people who are touched by the needs of these beloved old age people, to support with some monthly support.

Water Supply to the Thirsty:
In summer seasons, it is very common that the people of many regions of India starve for drinking water, and they walk or more than 10 kilometers to bring a pot of drinking water to meet the drinking needs of their entire family, as all the rivers, wells, and bores have been dried up due to the severe summer heat, and the water level in the earth also has been decreased to many feet. And some times the news reports states that many were dying in India due to severe thirst. It is very sacrificial to carry the water in the severe summer heat, to quench the thirst of many. Due to the severe summer heat, the water will be finished just before they re-fill the pot. Please pray for the starting up of this water supply program, by which the name of the Lord will be glorified. We are planning to place one evangelist who distributes the gospel tracts and preach the gospel or share his testimony to the people who come for a glass of water. This method will work in a wonderful way. You can be a part of this life-saving program, by sending your donations / gifts to maintain one water supply center, for three months during the summer.
Cloths Distribution/ Helping the poor and destitute:
There are a very huge number of people who live below the poverty line in India. Many are living very humble lives under many hard circumstances, even without having proper clothing, even to cover their little ones in the freeze winter cold also. It is not wonder…many live with only two pairs of clothing which are old and torn. Our village pastors, believers are also not exempted from this list, because they also live in the same villages, under the same circumstances. To meet this need and to clothe the village believers, especially the women and children of our churches, we are collecting the used clothing from various people, and we are distributing them to the poorest remote village folk. Through this cloth distribution program, we are clothing many half naked, (even naked) people in the name of our Lord. The people among we are working through our evangelists and co-workers are very backward people, and many of them do not know how to wear the clothing properly. We invite many more saints who can help by sending some help to buy some new clothing for our co-labourers.
Public Meetings
Youth Revival Meetings
Ministry of Encouragement and councelling
Pastors and Leaders conferences and seminars
Children and Youth Retreats.